How to take a desk vacation this Women’s Day

While you figure out your ideal work-life balance, Molton Brown’s Heavenly Gingerlily range is here to transport you to a relaxing tropical getaway, this Women’s Day. Pamper yourself, top to toe, with this ginger and lily inspired eight-piece collection that has everything, from a body wash to a hand cream. The flowers, spices and oil in these products relax the body and mind, tamanu nut oil locks in moisture. This long lasting scent starts off with spicy top notes that smoothly transition into a floral scent and settles into a musky sandalwood and cedar wood aroma.

Our favourite ways to wear them, include:

Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily Eau de Toilette 100ml SKU BOX 2000x2000 low res

Spritz the afternoon slump away, with the refreshing eau de toilette.

Gingerlily Single Wick Candle Reeds

For the perfect home fragrance, opt for the aroma reeds or scented candles.

05 Gingerlily BW Lotion EDT UK low res

To make the fragrance last longer, start with the body wash, moisturise and then spray the perfume. Carry the sea, sand and summer feels with you everywhere you go.

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