Taking A Look At Fabindia’s Powerful Collective Over Six Decades Advertisement

Taking A Look At Fabindia’s Powerful Collective Over Six Decades

A coming together of Fabindia, Organic India, FabCafe and Tugbug Children’s Centre as FabCommunity, which aims to promote and preserve our heritage

By Team ELLE  July 19th, 2021

For sixty years, Fabindia has celebrated the craft techniques and culture of India. The ethos of the brand is deep-rooted in craftsmanship, camaraderie and nurturing relationships. This pursuit continues to grow as a FabCommunity with proud pillars and visionaries with the same principles and goals. Organic India, FabCafe and Tugbug Children’s Centre continue to add to the brand’s consistent efforts towards empowering the grassroots.

Organic India’s line-up includes food that is safe for the people and the planet. Dedicated to healthy and conscious living, the products are environmentally safe and made using bio-regenerative farming practices. As a result of their initiative, there has been a revitalisation of more than 3000 rural farm communities and community health care, education, and inclusive social change for women. 

“At the very core of the two brands, there is a synergy of values and mission. Organic India focuses on preserving the environment and only offering healthy products for people and good for the planet. Organic India practices healthy conscious living in everything that it does. Similar to how FabIndia supports the artisans. Organic India also works with grass-root farmers to bring the best to the tables of the consumers”, shares Subrata Dutta, Group MD, Organic India

Fabindia offers a healthy gourmet dining experience in the form of Fabcafe. Their organic food offerings take a fresh spin on traditional Indian cuisine. The juxtaposition of modern and traditional is what Fabindia is known for, and they have extended the same principle to their dining arm. With their motto ‘Eat well, feel good’, they focus on serving fresh, simple, and nutritious food.

“For us, it’s important to offer flavours that modern India has grown up eating but, the spin is in making it guilt-free. So, whether it’s integrating banana or jackfruit flour instead of all-purpose flour or including palm jaggery instead of refined sugar and eliminate the use of refined oil by working with cold-pressed oils or desi ghee, the concept of alternative ingredients helps us deliver every note of flavour without compromising on the nostalgia of comfort food. Our approach pays ode to the Indian ingredients that have been celebrated over centuries, and we use them to serve popular Indian dishes. And these exact core values of sustainability and dependence on local produce makes us a proud member of the #PowerfulCollective,” shares Sunil Chauhan, Chef and Founder of Fabcafe. 

Tugbug is an educational space seeking to reconnect children with their roots by conducting interactive workshops and activities within the Fabindia Experience Centres. The activities are immersive and environmentally conscious, including handicrafts, clay modelling, puppet shows, storytelling, etc. In an attempt to nurture young minds during these difficult times, Tugbug initiated Shikshan – online classes encouraging kids to create rather than consume, connecting them with art and nature in interesting ways. 

“Tugbug Children’s Center is the youngest member of the Fabindia collective with the youngest and most enthusiastic customers! Our vision of nurturing children’s creativity and reconnecting them with our roots in a sustainable, environment-friendly way is in perfect sync with the values and ethos of the Fabindia community. During the pandemic, we have launched home learning and engagement programs with minimum screen time for kids. Once it is safe, we excitedly look forward to welcoming our children back again to happy times at Tugbug in Fabindia Experience Centers!” explains Sharika Munshi, Founder, Tugbug Children’s Center.

This powerful collective advocates India’s rich heritage and culture that turns them into a celebration of today and a base for a better tomorrow.