7 talented celebrities who were told they weren’t pretty enough to succeed

If these talented celebrities could tell you one universal truth, it might be this: you could be famous, smart, funny, accomplished and there will still be that one person who will say that you’re not the right size. Or maybe you’re not the right colour. That your nose is too big, your eyes too small, your hair too thin and your thighs too fat.

The criticism is endless.

And while you’re busy working out to get a butt like Malaika Arora to set the haters straight, the haters are busy criticising just that. If these stunning women listened to every opinion they’d received, half of them wouldn’t have the self-esteem to leave their beds in the morning.

But the only way to chase your dreams is to get up and get at them, which is exactly what these talented ladies did. Right lips or not. From Anushka Sharma being told she’s too “plain-looking” to Priyanka Chopra being criticised for the shape of her nose, these women learned to love themselves to achieve their goals. 

7 talented celebrities who faced body-shaming:

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