Tanishq's new line is full of pretty florals! Advertisement

Tanishq’s new line is full of pretty florals!

Niloufer offers a new take on water lilies

By Megha Roy  March 17th, 2016

Tanishq just introduced their new ‘Niloufer’ collection. It’s the Persian word for water lilies, which forms the focal point of this collection. It features intricate floral arrangements that can easily amp up any wedding outfits. Our favourite? The chand bali earrings studded with diamonds and rubies, set in gold. If you’re going for something subtle, try the ombré ear cuffs, featuring lotus stems sprinkled with rubies. The line features unconventional earrings, ear cuffs, double rings and haath phools. But you’ll even find pendants and complete sets (necklaces made of braided gold and ombré graded rubies) if you’d like to keep it simple. 

Prices start from Rs 35,000. Click here to shop the line