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Tarun Tahiliani’s BMW India Bridal Week preview

The designer shares his thoughts on bridal couture

By ELLE team  August 7th, 2015

Tarun Tahiliani needs no introduction. He will be presenting a collection that marries Indian textiles and embroidery with modern silhouettes and cuts for his BMW India Bridal Week 2015 collection. He told us, “The Tarun Tahiliani brand has set out to create the ultimate “India Modern”: a brand with a view to the present moment, but ultimately steeped in the Indian traditions of draped form and the techniques that millions of Indian craftspeople imbibe with love.”

However, he admitted that bridal wear isn’t a space for experimentation, nor should it be: “One can’t experiment as brides want tradition for the ceremony. But for their other functions they are more and more experimental, often to unpleasant effect. One should know oneself and what one can carry off, and not try and be an actress playing different roles.” Tahiliani is eloquent on the subject of Indian fashion’s global turn. He said, “We were brought up looking out at the world and so there has always been a desire to marry the world here with the standards of the west.”

Flip through the gallery for a glimpse of the collection

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