What to expect from Tarun Tahiliani’s grand finale at the India Couture Week Advertisement

What to expect from Tarun Tahiliani’s grand finale at the India Couture Week

“We want to bring a glamorous exquisiteness and drama to each piece”

By Shree Vrinda  July 28th, 2019

Celebrated designer Tarun Tahiliani has deftly carved out a niche in the Indian fashion industry and its one defined by his ability to reimagine classic indian wear beautifully, time and again. Tarun’s use of extravagant silhouettes, rich Indian textiles and beautiful jewel tones, makes fashion enthusiasts look forward to each one of his new collections, even after 25 years in the business. 

Tahiliani’s new Bloom collection captures “the metamorphosis of the Indian bride with a synthesis of different cultures, a reflection of today’s generation” says the designer. The collection featuring contemporary occasion wear such as, lightweight lehengas, shararas, peplum blouses, concept saris, structured drapes, anarkalis and fusion-style jumpsuits that exude pure celebration. As Tahiliani gears up to close the FDCI India Couture Week with the grand-est finale imaginable, ELLE talks to the designer about his new collection-Bloom, his inspiration and more.

ELLE: Take us through the creative process of Bloom, how long did it take for the idea to generate into this beautiful collection.

TT: Generally designers start with an inspiration/theme and then work on the story of their collection. We as a brand do not follow a theme, to build our story we look around into our strong design concepts which we believe in. We started working on our collection 3 months back by putting together a palette of soft pastels, diverse embroidery styles. We want to bring a glamorous exquisiteness and drama to each piece. 

ELLE: What is the distinct identity of the Tarun Tahiliani clientele?

TT: Men and women who come to us, have always had a clear expectation and that is of the finest quality, intricate technique and something that flatters their personal style and body type.


ELLE: What distinguishes this collection from the rest of your designs?

TT: Juxtaposing iconic European construction with classic Indian styles and embroideries, the new collection exemplifies an ‘India Modern’ aesthetic. In the structured lightness of every drape is the embodiment of a new voice of tradition.  Bloom is for a young, spirited bride who is looking to be herself, the creations will help that woman feel beautiful as she dances the night away. But at the same time, there are classic pieces, tone-on-tone lehengas, anarkalis, sarees that can make a statement.

ELLE: How did the collaboration with Swarovski take place, did you have them in mind primarily, while ideating?

TT: We’ve worked with Swarovski since the 90’s. This successful long-term association over the years has witnessed some of the most iconic, luxurious and memorable creations made with crystals from Swarovski. We love the winking light, the luminescence and sparkle of a diamond, especially for weddings. And so, it is an honour once again to collaborate with Swarovski to create magical garments using traditional Indian techniques

ELLE: After 25 years of being in the design industry, you still manage to stun audiences with your collections, what inspires you?

TT: Art, architecture, interiors, history, travel and maharajas… My inspiration comes from many things. Sometimes it’s from beautiful inlay work that I’ve seen in a fabulous monument; other times my inspiration can be something as simple as a beautiful kanjeevaram weave. Ultimately, however, my inspiration comes from India’s rich traditions of craftsmanship, particularly when it comes to things like embroideries that we have in India. Nothing is more amazing than beautifully executed, intricate and fine technique.