Tencel collaborates with two young, quirky brands for a sustinable line Advertisement

Tencel collaborates with two young, quirky brands for a sustainable line of summer-y clothes

Ready to bust the myth that sustainable fashion is boring?

By Subhanjana Das  March 5th, 2020

Sustainability nowadays is all about innovation. And that comes when technology and creativity merge paths and come together on a crossroad, resulting in guilt-free clothes that look as good as they feel. For its most recent collaboration, Tencel extended its sustainable fibre as the canvas for TwoPointTwo and Pause to create their summer collection. The result is a range of garments in colour palettes that please the eye, textures that soothe the skin, and a carbon footprint that doesn’t negatively impact the environment.


Tencel’s fibre is derived from natural raw material wood from sustainably managed forests. It’s known for its versatility, comfort, and longevity. And it is this fabric that went into making Pause’s latest collection, extending it long-standing association with Tencel. With subdued pastel tones, pops of neon, and a very laid back, relaxed, luxurious feeling, it hits all the right notes when it comes to a summery collection. “We have been using Tencel for a very long time and the reason is, apart from sustainability and it being an eco-friendly fibre, we like the feeling. It’s super soft, super comfortable, it is breathable, light, airy and easy to work with. It goes with our brand philosophy of taking a pause and wearing the softest fabrics, that you can run around in, you can go out in, do anything you want in,” shares Neha Tham, one of the founders of Pause.


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 Two Point Two’s Anvita Sharma also experimented with Tencel for her embroidery-heavy collection called N-R-Co-De, with heavily embellished motifs that are inspired by Ardhnareshwara—the androgynous form of Shiva and Parvathi. The embroidery also incorporate Japanese characters and Tantric symbols. Sharma shares her experience of working with Tencel, saying, “As a brand we are a genderless, all inclusive, anti-conformist, and we do things a bit differently. We don’t follow rules and we are quite rebellious when it comes to our silhouettes and our embroideries as well as the detailing that goes in particular patterns. Incorporating that with Tencel was no problem at all as it is very experimental when it comes to shapes and silhouettes.”


“We have been partnering with young Indian labels who have a very fresh point on our fibre, sustainability, putting out the right fashion for the right audience. And hence we felt that Pause and Two Point Two were the right fit. They have a very quirky collection, it’s pretty fun, and breaks the stereotype that sustainable fashion is very boring and serious. They have a very different perspective which reflects in their garment. And their interpretation of our fibre that we really loved,” says Arpit Srivastava, marketing & branding of Lenzing (the parent company of  Tencel fibres), South Asia.