Celebrities and influencers on picking Airbnb homes over luxury hotels Advertisement

Celebrities and influencers on picking Airbnb homes over luxury hotels

Twice as nice

By ELLE team  July 4th, 2019

The true joy of travelling lies in living and exploring like a local. Discovering haunts that go undetected by the tourist eye, attending an underground gig, gorging at a hole in the wall restaurant—these are the experiences that stay with you forever. Right from getting an instant friend in the form of the host to curated adventures, Airbnb facilitates getting to know a destination in a unique way with its unique properties around the world.

The brand counts on celebrities and influencers such as actors Mandira Bedi and Jim Sarbh and pastry queen Pooja Dhingra, among others, to pick an Airbnb property for their getaways. The launch of Airbnb’s recent campaign, That’s Why We Airbnb, saw Bedi, Sarbh, Dhingra and host Ravi Vazirani come together to celebrate the spirit of individuality and their love for travel.

For Sarbh, travel represents growth and exploration and finds the freedom to engage with the unknown an invigorating experience. “That’s why I connect with the spirit of Airbnb’s campaign. It’s all about exploring yourself, through the world, getting to know yourself better as you get to know other people and places better”, he said.

Founder and CEO, Le15 Patisserie, Chef Pooja Dhingra added, “When I travel, I treasure the insights I get from local hosts across the globe and am still in touch with some of the host-friends that I’ve met over the years. It’s truly invigorating to meet new people from all walks of life, yet feel such a strong sense of belonging. That to me, is the power of Airbnb.”

By having a home away from home on your travels, you have the liberty to maintain your regular lifestyle. Mandira emphasised, “Travel for me is a way to ensure mental and physical well being. There is nothing like waking up in a new city, yet having your own space to fit in a session of yoga or start your day with a self-cooked healthy breakfast. It’s so easy to lose track of your health when travelling but with Airbnb, I’m always home.”

The next time you set off on an adventure, be sure to pick from Airbnb’s various properties—from luxurious villas to elegant farmhouses, you’re bound to be spoilt for choice.