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The best Game Of Thrones fan theories

We're speculating while we wait for the show to return

By ELLE team  April 4th, 2016

We’re constantly speculating — is Jon Snow alive or not? Will he be the next ruler of the Seven Kingdoms? Why did he turn Stannis Baratheon’s offer to legitimize him down? While we wait for the show to return this month, let’s go down the rabbit hole of crazy fan theories:

Theory: Robb Stark legitimized his bastard brother Jon Snow, making him the rightful heir to Winterfell

What it means: Jon is King of the North and potentially an heir to the Iron Throne courtesy of his Targaryen bloodline (rumour has it Jon is the son of Lyanna Stark [sister of Ned] and Rhaegar Targaryen). The idea is that Stannis and Roose Boltons turn against each other, battle it out, leaving the winner so weak that the northerners can strike and will put Jon Snow in charge.

Theory: Ned Stark is Alive

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What it means: In the books, evidence shows that when Ned was executed, nobody was certain it was him. Arya said she could barely recognize him; Sansa said his head looked unfamiliar on the stake, and Catelyn opined that his bones look like they came from a smaller man. Maybe it was not Ned that was killed after all…

Theory: Hodor will lead them to the Lord of Light…or his enemy

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What it means: What we know: Hodor’s real name is Walder, and he is Old Nan’s grandson, but why is the only word he says ‘Hodor’? The theory suggests that ‘Hodor’ refers to the Great Other, who is recognised as the opposite of the Lord of Light; the Lord of dark, cold, and winter; no one should utter his name. So either Hodor is The Great Other, or he encountered the Great Other, and was so traumatized by what he say that he can only forever say his name. Either way, what he knows will be found out this season.

Theory: Jon Snow has a twin


What it means: This one stems off the original theory that proposes he is child of Rhaegar and Lyanna, but also mentions that he has a twin sister — Meera Reed. Jon was born when Ned went to rescue Lyanna from the Tower Of Joy — but what if there had been two children? Howland Reed had accompanied Ned to the tower. So, Ned could have taken Jon while Reed took Meera.

Theory: A + J = T 

What it means: The theory proposes that Tyrion’s true father is not Tywin Lannister but in fact, the Mad King Aerys II Targaryen. The king was known (like most in Westoros) to be unfaithful to his wife, and had an affair with Joanna Lannister, Tywin’s wife, who later gave birth to Tyrion Targaryen. This season, Tyrion is in cahoots with the Mother Of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. Maybe it’s at the family reunion where the truth will come out.

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