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The best of Louis CK

He has a gigantic talent for mining the everyday for big, scary, hilarious truths – watch his funniest moments

By Cheryl-Ann Couto  October 30th, 2014

On being a parent

If you descend into helpless baby talk (don’t do that, you’re better than that) every time you see a tiny human, this might outrage you. CK breaks that sacrosanct parental forbearance to let you know why kids are tear jerkers, sore losers, libido killers and revel in bringing you to the very brink of your sanity at least three times a day. If by the end of it you don’t get a sense of just how much CK adores his kids, it’s an early sign you’re not going to be a fan. 



On selfishness

If you need proof that Louis CK’s comedy is the important kind, here it is. Because what better way to confront what self-serving monsters all of us can be than to laugh so hard, you forget to loathe yourself and only become more self-aware the next time you’re being a jerk.



On tech addiction

If you feel like you’re going to die of FOMO if you don’t avail of every single upgrade your smartphone can withstand, let Louis CK lead you to the light. He thinks technology and its overuse is damaging to a person’s EQ and makes mean people of us all. It’s a lecture that feels nothing like a lecture when it comes with intermittent Bruce Springsteen impersonations gratuitous air-masturbation.


On hate as recreation

Hate is easy. Irritation is fun. Being outraged is therapeutic. And if you can alchemise them into a hilarious sketch like this one, your pointless ire can be lucrative too. CK voices too many of our realities when he talks about the hundreds of peeves we all happily submit to daily in order to get by. 


On what it’s like for fat girls

Whenever CK’s FX show Louie comes up in conversation, this segment from the 4th season is the one you want to throw into the mix. His refusal to sugarcoat ordinary life is never more discomfiting as when he decides to be the jerk who wouldn’t date a smart, funny, sensual woman, just because she’s overweight. Actress Sarah Baker delivers CK’s wrenching script about the heartache of a big girl to the embarrassed (and quite portly) CK himself. 


Season 1 of Louie airs on FX, starting November 13 at 11.00pm