The internet can’t get enough of this chaiwala from Islamabad Advertisement

The internet can’t get enough of this chaiwala from Islamabad

We’ve got new ‘Hot-tea’ to crush on!

By Salva Mubarak  October 18th, 2016

2016 has been a troubling year so far. There have been devastating breakups, horrifying endorsements and the looming possibility of Patanjali jeans in the near future. But it seems like the Universe has decided to reward us finally. Behold, the chaiwala that has caught the fancy of the internet in the best way possible.

Jiah Ali, an Islamabad based photographer, captured him at work and has since gained unforeseen internet gratitude for introducing the world to its next crush. 

Unsurprisingly, the chaiwala started trending across the internet and has since then acquired a huge fan following.


After seeing the frenzy she had unleashed, the photographer posted two more pictures of the man,who has since been identified as Arshad Khan, essentially proving that humanity still exists in the world.

While the fans were aplenty, there were some who were still unaffected by the phenomenon.


There were some who saw this opportunity to be their punny best.

But there were some who asked the real question.

And then there were the jaded few with some predictions for the future.

Khan has been offered a modelling contract (that came as no surprise!). He recently appeared on a talk show, Good Morning Pakistan, where he was given a makeover! 

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Watch the full interview right here: