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The Last Message Received

Short stories of heartbreak, told through texts

By Deepa Menon  December 8th, 2015

Not all goodbyes feel final. Some of them are so casual that you don’t know until much later that something has ended. This sense of a farewell in retrospect is what is so haunting and addictive about The Last Message Received, a tumblr created by the 15-year-old Emily Trunko. The American teenager received thousands of submissions when she called for last messages from ex lovers, estranged friends and family, and deceased loved ones. According to the New York Times, around 2500 people, mostly anonymous, have shared these private conversations with Trunko, who has acquired two book deals, based on this and another tumblr, from Random House Children’s Books.

Each screenshot shared on The Last Message Received is accompanied with a caption that explains the back-story—the real moment is here; the messages themselves might be vague, cruel or cryptic, but the wrench is in the postscript.

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