These fragrant candles from The Maeva Store will light up your festivities

One of the oldest rituals in cultures and communities across the world has been lighting candles. It’s often done to signal the start of something new, to dictate the mood, and to lend aroma to the ambience. In India, lighting candles are a given when it comes to celebrating festivals. This Diwali, look no further than The Maeva Store’s enchanting collections – be it to liven up your home or for gifting your loved ones.

The Maeva Store’s new collection, Nalini, refects bespoke craftsmanship and the soulful scent of water lotus. Its fragrant and floral arragements will infuse magic into your intimate get-togethers, grand gatherings and Diwali parties.

Nalini 5

Maeva is a subsidiary of Ramesh Flowers (established in 1982), which has been exporting goods to leading brands across 32 countries. Out of its 2,800 employees, 82% are women and all Maeve products are hand-crafted and packed. So, go ahead and treat yourself to some scented candles.

Visit their website to shop.

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