The most hilarious Brexit memes Advertisement

The most hilarious Brexit memes

The only way to beat #Bregret? Laughs. Lots of them!

By ELLE team  June 27th, 2016

Even as the world gaped over the unexpected results of the European Union referendum, anyone with any access to social media was working overtime – making / sharing memes of course. Britain may have left the EU, but it has left behind a legacy of these entertaining memes:

Brexit for dummies 

…which means no more in jokes, and dad jokes  

But imagine the sheer future headline potential 

On the plus side, at least we all agree with Gordon Ramsay for once 

Feels. So many feels.

Prince George got a crash course in playground politics

Even the villain from Titanic got it right 

Well, this is awkward  

And then we all fondly remembered a time when Brexit meant something good 


Sales, everywhere! here we come

But in the end, we felt a lot like Ross Geller #Bregret 

 Ross Brexit