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The Most Popular TV Show The Year You Were Born

From The Brady Bunch to Dallas and Dynasty, see the most popular shows of the last 50 years.

By Jennifer Algoo (ELLE USA)  October 16th, 2021

Since televisions first began infiltrating American living rooms back in the 1940s, TV shows have been a focal point of all pop culture conversations over the years. From classic black and white sitcoms to soap opera dramas and animated cartoons, there have been a number of groundbreaking TV shows to grace our screens over the years. Whether you were born in the ’60s or the ’90s, we’re taking a look back at the most popular television shows from the past 50 years and beyond. From M*A*S*H to Friends to The Handmaid’s Tale, these are the shows that have gotten people talking the most over the last half century.

1967- The Carol Burnett Show
1968- Hawaii Five-0
1969- The Brady Bunch
1970- All My Children
1971- Columbo
1972- M*A*S*H
1973- The Young and the Restless
1974- Little House On The Prairie
1975- Saturday Night Live
1976- Three's Company
1977- The Love Boat
1978- Dallas
1979- The Facts of Life
1980- Magnum, P.I.
1981- Dynasty
1982- Cheers
1983- The A-Team
1984- Murder, She Wrote
1985- The Golden Girls
1986- Married...With Children
1987- Star Trek: The Next Generation
1988- Roseanne
1989- The Simpsons
1990- Law & Order
1991- Home Improvement
1992- Melrose Place
1993- The X-Files
1994- Friends
1995- Star Trek: Voyager
1996- Everybody Loves Raymond
1997- South Park
1998- Will & Grace
1999- Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
2000- Curb Your Enthusiasm
2001- Smallville
2002- The Wire
2003- NCIS
2004- Lost
2005- Grey's Anatomy
2006- The Big Bang Theory
2007- Gossip Girl
2008- Breaking Bad
2009- Modern Family
2010- The Walking Dead
2011- Game of Thrones
2012- Arrow
2013- Rick and Morty
2014- The Flash
2015- Mr. Robot
2016- Stranger Things
2017- The Handmaid's Tale
2018- You
2019- Euphoria
2020- Ted Lasso
2021- Kevin Can F**k Himself