The One With All The Questions Before The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion

The F.R.I.E.N.D.S cast, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc have made our day, our month and even our year with the news that they will, once again, be there for us in a two-hour special episode to be aired on HBO Max. Yes, we already knew this, but the update is that they’ve finished the shoot, and boy do we have a whole bunch of questions.











Here’s what we know:

David Schwimmer on the Graham Norton Show revealed that for the reunion episode, the actors would be themselves, and not in character. He also disclosed that it is unscripted, before building up the excitement by saying that there was one section he didn’t want to give away. We were not left completely in the dark as Schwimmer went on to say, ‘We all read something.’ Well, now make of it what you may. While the actor said that he hadn’t been able to catch up with the 236 episodes of the show that ended 17 years ago, I’m quite certain that we all have. As backstage pictures are doing the rounds on the internet, the wait is getting harder, but we’re almost there!


Here’s what we want to ask the six friends:

When you put your keys down and walked out of the apartment, it was the end of an era. Do you also miss the purple walls and the yellow frame on the door, or is it just me? Monica and Chandler, did you build the ‘Joey room’ like you promised? Can I move in?

Central Perk was and to this day remains my happy place. It is where Rachel came after running out on Barry, where Chandler and Monica fought over the last Banana Nut muffin, where Ross taught us the craft of Unagi, where we learnt that Joey doesn’t share food, where Phoebe sang ‘Smelly Cat’ and where you decided to have your last cup of coffee with us. Hoping with all my heart to hear a ‘yes, where else would we go?’ I ask the six of you, is Central Perk still as much of a home to you as it is to me?

Joey, did you learn to speak French? Or is ‘Je m’appelle Claude’ still ‘Mi poo poo’? Ross, did you say ‘I take thee Rachel’ to Rachel when you should have this time around? Rachel, how has the real-world been treating you? Chandler, did you get better at the advice, or would you like to interest me in a sarcastic comment? Phoebe, do you still run like Satan is chasing you? And Monica, you, I only want to thank for ‘Seven, seven, seven!’

And, of course, what is Chandler Bing’s job?

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