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The only viral beauty tutorials you need to know

These videos feature the craziest trends

By Anjan Sachar  September 30th, 2015

‘Viral’ can very often become a synonym for ‘weird’. People are willing to try almost anything to get flawless skin, highlighted cheekbones and sometimes, just five minutes of fame. These videos show you how to take up the trends that took the world by storm, one face at a time.

Heidi Hamoud, a Melbourne-based make-up artist shows you how to bake your face for a crease-less look.

YouTuber BellaDeLune (real name: Esther Isabel Amado Romo) who could very well be called the poster girl for clown contouring, shows you how to get her signature look.

Sara Fairy, a YouTube v-logger who preaches self-love, shows you how to dye your armpit hair, whichever colour of the rainbow you like.

Beauty sensation Carli Bybel shows you how to master strobing, the only trick you need to know for instant radiance.


This beauty vlogger shows you how to recreate your face, on your face. Consider your Halloween look sorted.