The post-Covid skincare trends to watch out for

With the world turning upside down, it’s hard to predict how the world of beauty will change form. Even renowned plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors who have their fingers on the pulse have different views on what’s to come in the beauty world.


Here in India, I believe post-Covid, beauty will move towards a more non-invasive holistic approach. A world where we will finally understand that beauty is truly from the inside out. The food we eat will matter just as much as our skincare, supplements will become an essential part of our diets, and we will start looking at what beauty truly means. In fact, makeup-free looks will become more prevalent as all of us having been looking at our bare faces in the mirror for too long during quarantine, we will want our skin to look naturally gorgeous.



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London’s top Harley Street luxury holistic aesthetic doctor Dr Rabia Malik agrees, “In terms of services and treatments, many people are wearing less make-up while at home, and I think they will want to continue with this. From an industry perspective, we are moving towards a more personalised and bespoke approach to both products and treatments. As our patients become more educated and increasingly savvy, they will also be seeking a more holistic approach to beauty that incorporates wellness and internal health. This is ultimately a good thing, as I believe a holistic approach yields the best results.”



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Famous Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr Lara Devgan, who has her own innovative skincare line Dr Devgan Scientific Beauty, says “I predict that the return to medical-grade skin care will be the single biggest change in the aesthetics industry following COVID-19 home quarantine. Left in the confines of our homes with nothing to prove, people want products that work. The optics, the influencers, the expensive ad campaigns, and the colour schemes of branding all of a sudden matter much less.”


Interestingly, aesthetic celeb doctor Dr Naomi McCullum from the Manse Clinic of Sydney, Australia, has a completely different view. She explains, “I see that cosmetic clinics are going to be very busy post quarantine, getting our beauty achievers back to their normal states. There will also be a lot of new patients who have been looking in the mirror during quarantine planning to take that first step once isolation is over. I see some patients trying to be more efficient with their spending, I see other patients having more of a ’YOLO’ attitude as well, making sure they just get all of the procedures they want ASAP.”


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Fascinatingly, it’s interesting to think how aesthetic services will fare? What kind of services will still be popular and what will fall out of favour? We all have different views. Dr. Naomi feels that ” patients [who preferred injectables] may choose more longer lasting procedures, like biostimulators (Sculptra or Radiesse) instead of the hyaluronic acid fillers. Threads will grow as more doctors become proficient.”

However, I believe that while injectables will always have a place, people will want monthly maintenance care that is more non-invasive while also boosting and rejuvenating their skin. Advanced microneedling treatments, like Gold Plasma and Good Genes, along with tightening therapies using radiofrequency or microcurrent energies will become more popular as more people understand the importance of bespoke or customisable treatments. Dr Devgan also agrees, “In the office setting, minimally invasive procedures will continue to grow in popularity, as they represent a modern day version of ‘the lipstick index’ — relatively more affordable luxuries that still make us feel more confident and beautiful. Patients will make smarter decisions about big operations, choosing to shop for quality rather than price. They will focus on more durable procedures, such as fillers, rather than more fleeting ones like toxins.”


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Ultimately, no one knows how we all will experience beauty and therapies after COVID ends. But, we all wait in hope for when the world becomes free and beautiful again, and look forward with joy.



Dr Kiran Sethi (@drkiransays) is a celebrity skin specialist, wellness expert and the founder of Isya Aesthetics (



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