The romantic astrology behind Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s upcoming nuptials will glitter and gleam spectacularly, and not just because the bride might wear one of Princess Diana’s diamond-festooned tiaras. When they walk down the aisle at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle on 19 May, the planets will assure not just a stunning day, but a lifetime of true, yet totally unconventional love. Their wedding day astrology is so perfect, in fact, that it makes us wonder if there is indeed a royal astrologer lurking somewhere in Buckingham Palace. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the couple’s astrological romance: 

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How will the planetary alignment affect their wedding?

As if the late princess herself were planning the wedding from the great beyond, the Moon will be in Cancer (Diana’s star sign) as they walk down the aisle. Cancer is the sign of motherhood, family and our full range of emotions. Expect major waterworks both in the chapel and in our homes and pubs as we gather to watch the couple betrothed — stiff upper lips be damned.

The Cancer Moon insures a spirit of warmth, nurturing, and adoration for Harry and Meghan, plus the bonus of a truly gorgeous and delicious wedding cake for their 600 lucky guests. And they may start having kids sooner, rather than later – this looks like Diana passing the symbolic torch to Meghan, even though Harry is sixth in line to the throne.

But it’s not just the Moon’s uncanny placement on the couple’s big day. Venus (the planet of love, romance, beauty, aesthetics, and wealth) will also move into sensitive Cancer shortly after Harry and Meghan exchange vows.

Nourishment is the keyword here – this couple should always encourage growth in one other, never allowing their connection to grow stagnant. It’s as if Diana knows how important this is because of her troubled marriage to Prince Charles – her presence will be deeply felt all throughout the day, and her style is more than likely to play a major role both emotionally and materially. (Keep an eye on that tiara.)

But what drew this couple together in the first place?

Meghan Markle Prince Harry

The significance of their zodiac compatibility

At first glance, one might not understand the attraction between a fiery Leo (Meghan) and an earthy smarty-pants Virgo (Harry). However, the real key in astrological compatibility is the ascendant or rising sign – not the Sun signs we’re used to reading about in our horoscopes. 

Our rising signs provide the lens or filter through which we see life. They show us how to orient our preferences and frame our life cycles, so it’s essential that they are in compatible signs for long-term relationship success.

Harry and Meghan were born under the influence of the opposite rising signs of Cancer and Capricorn. Yes, opposites do attract, especially in this case. Cancer (Meghan’s rising sign) is about security and nurturing, whereas Capricorn rising (Harry’s signature) brings structure and protection. 

These archetypal mother (Cancer) and father (Capricorn) dynamics are being played out here in some ways, even though they’re a totally progressive couple. And the special, secret ingredient here is that Meghan might just remind Harry of his Cancer mom – in the best possible way.

Although it’s said that neighbouring signs such as Leo and Virgo don’t have so much in common, there are other magnetic aspects in their horoscopes that have created this cosmic coupling. A man’s Venus shows what he finds attractive and also the kind of ‘Goddess’ energy he is searching for in a woman. Meghan’s Moon (her inner feminine) is in the sign of Libra, creating a super-sweet love connection. 

In fact, Moon-Venus is one of the most delightful aspects two people can have in their shared chart – it brings the loveliest romantic flow. Bonus: Meghan’s Venus (what she finds beautiful) is in the sign of Virgo, which means she would be drawn to a man of intelligence – Harry is totally her ideal guy.

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Will Meghan and Harry have a complete fairytale? 

Relationships always have their challenges – that’s what helps each individual to grow. And frankly we’d be bored to tears if our partnerships were always flawless and challenge-free. Here’s where it gets complicated for Harry and Meghan – both of their Moons are ruled by Venus, creating a mutual desire for love and beauty, but the way they feel about security is quite different.

Meghan’s Libra Moon desires justice, equality, reciprocity, and balance and prefers to think rather than feel through emotional situations. There can also be some indecision with this lunar placement. She adores her network of friends and loves playing social butterfly. 

Harry Meghan

Prince Harry, on the other hand, with his earthy, strong Taurus Moon, may crave more comfort, stability and routine. They can sometimes miss each other on the emotional level. Luckily Harry’s Venus in Libra can bridge this gap by playing up his social side, even though that might go against his otherwise introverted nature.

All in all, it’s eminently clear why these two were instantly magnetised by one another, and why the fell head over heels. On the wedding day, you should expect to fall even more in love with both of them. 

This enchanted royal wedding is written in the stars – prepare to be mesmerised and swept off your feet.


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