The wave brow is here, and it's about to take over your Instagram Advertisement

The wave brow is here, and it’s about to take over your Instagram

We want to 'wave' goodbye to this trend

By Chloe Metzger  August 31st, 2017

We’re really sorry to do this to you guys, seeing as you’ve just gotten over the recent trend of barbed-wire brows and feather brows, but a new eyebrow look has surfaced on social media, and it looks like the cross between a snake, an inch worm, and a Tim Burton acid trip. Are you ready for it? We present to you: wavy brows.

The look, which was first posted in its true wave-like form a few weeks ago by makeup artist Jessica Brodersen, features a thick brow with a wavy, wiggly tail, which is more the effect of a brow pencil than it is the shaping of eyebrow hair.

Since then, a few other makeup artists have tested out the style, taking the wave up a few dozen notches by fully shaping their eyebrows into chevron-level squiggles, some of which look sorta, kinda, really look Photoshopped.

It’s too early to call this brow look a tried-and-true trend, especially since Kylie Jenner hasn’t tried it yet, but at least you’ll now be prepared for the day it does inevitably fill your social feed.

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