The world's fifth largest diamond has just been unearthed Advertisement

The world’s fifth largest diamond has just been unearthed

How many regular human-sized diamonds do you think it will give us?

By ELLE team  January 16th, 2018

The fifth largest diamond to be unearthed, ever, is here and all other diamonds can go home. To the mothership, that is, because this baby is clearly queen of some diamond hive. The diamond is one of the largest found in history at a jaw-dropping 910 carats. We’d love to give you some clarity on the matter but this diamond is currently monopolising all the clarity-along with cut and colour-in the world. 

The D-colour stone is said to be of extremely high-quality and is graded as a Type IIa diamond. It was mined from the Letseng mine in Lesotho, South Africa. A mine that has been nothing but kind to the company that owns it Gem Diamonds since they acquired it in 2006. The mine has given the company diamonds like the Lesotho Promise a 603 carat heavyweight which sold for $12.4 million and the Letseng Legacy a 494 carat diamond that was cut into a set of 20 stones. 

Let’s put thing into perspective, shall we? This is the Letseng Legacy:

letseng legacy

It’s a cute little compressed fortune isn’t it? It’s the 18th largest diamond in the world. This guy made all these diamonds:

letseng 2

Not too shabby. The current diamond its the largest of that mine and nearly twice the size of its predecessor, the Legacy. 

This is him:

diamond 3

This diamond single handedly boosted the company’s stock price overnight. Mining analysts estimate the value of the rock to be $40 Million. I hope you ladies haven’t got a manicure recently because teh only way you’re getting a rock that size on your finger is if you start digging.