There's a blog dedicated to the popularity of this Zara dress Advertisement

There’s a blog dedicated to the popularity of this Zara dress

This dress has been socialised

By ELLE team  August 31st, 2017

Ever walk into a party, feeling yourself and your new dress just to find four people wearing exactly the same thing? It happens quite often and thanks to globalisation, you can’t travel away from it. Mass-produced fast fashion is everywhere—and on everyone. Matching bags, shoes, tops and denims assembled in varying combinations are all over the place. One such article of clothing is a blue, off-shoulder dress from Zara. You may know it, you may own it, we’re not here to judge. But one women started spotting the dress almost everywhere. 

Not that an off-shoulder summer dress should be cause for fascination, but this particular dress has its own Tumblr blog just because of the sheer frequency at which it has been spotted. The blog started last year in June 2016, and the fact that the dress has made it all the way through to 2017 speaks volumes for its popularity. A blog like this takes a fair amount of dedication, not to mention a vast network of dress spotters. After uploading all the spottings of the dress to Facebook, Lulu Krause—the founder of the page—started getting more sightings of the dress from her friends and family. Apparently this dress is totally a thing. 

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Lulu uploads the images of all the various girls in dresses with captions to the blog: The Blue Off-The-Shoulder Dress

Check out if you’ve ever spotted the dress, or been spotted in it. 


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