There's no stopping our September cover star Sara Ali Khan Advertisement

There’s no stopping our September cover star Sara Ali Khan

Newest belle of Bollywood

By Neville Bhandara  September 13th, 2019

Sara Ali Khan, Bollywood’s newest belle on the block, is a picture of grace and sophistication. She talks to ELLE about her love of reading, the importance of family, and her vacation goals.

ELLE: Hi Sara! What’s your earliest childhood memory?

Sara Ali Khan: It was Rakhsha Bandhan and my brother was sitting on my lap. Just as I was really caught up in the moment and how adorable it was, he peed on me! I’ll never forget that.

ELLE: That’s hilarious. so, if we were to ask what “family” means to you…

SAK: Family is what you go home to. It’s where you learn how to eat, sleep and think. It is the foundation for everything in life.

ELLE: You’ve often said you’re a bookworm. Who is your favourite author?

SAK: I don’t have a favourite author, but I do immensely enjoy the works of the historian Michael Lynch.

ELLE: Okay, and what are you currently reading?

SAK: Simon Sebag Montefiore’s Written In History: Letters That Changed The World (2018).

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