These cocktail delivery services will sort you out for your next house party Advertisement

These cocktail delivery services will sort you out for your next house party

Give your rum-and-coke a break, will you

By Samara Madhvani  August 16th, 2016

House parties are the real deal. Let’s be honest, you’d rather chill in super comfy clothing, surrounded by your close friends instead of a club with at least one person throwing up on your new shoes. Now you can even have your favourite cocktails delivered to you. Mumbai-based Light House Café and The Daily have devised the perfect delivery system, and it does away with the hassle of hiring bartenders or stressing over finding the right ingredients for your drinks. (Also, we debunked all the myths surrounding alcohol. Check them out here!)

The Light House Café has an impressive list of 18 classic and signature cocktail mixes (all you need to add is the alcohol) including their TY Elderflower (green tea, elderflower and ginger that goes over a white rum base) and a herbed beer mix (with apple, ginger and cinnamon). Priced between Rs 60-100, inclusive of delivery charges, each mix comes in gold pouches and contains 150ml of the premix, enough for one drink. They last up to three days. Still think you need a bartender? They’ll look into that too. Tel: 0 99674 14148/0 99876 10897.

The Daily Bar & Kitchen just introduced the Bartender In A Bottle service. This allows you to take home any cocktail from The Daily’s menu, from classic margaritas to specially crafted drinks such as the South Side – a refreshing combination of gin, mint and sour mix. Priced at Rs 1,500, each bottle serves around five 200ml portions and can last up to two days, in case you’ve got leftovers! Tel: 0 99204 46633

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