Things you never knew about taking the perfect picture

Having a bad day? You hit up your therapist. Need help with a recipe? You call your mom. In the mood for some funnies? You turn on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Want to take the perfect picture every time you’re looking fierce? Well, you could ask the model, but they usually have help and great DNA. Only the bright ones know where it’s really at – the Instagram influencer.

A unique breed of twenty-first century society, the Insta influencer is a model, photographer, editor, creative director, and writer, all rolled up into one big social media celebrity whom the rest of us are invariably influenced by. They not only know the light and their angles, they also know how to run a magic make-up wand on themselves with instant results. So, in the quest for the perfect pictures, who better to take notes from?

Ahead, we rounded up ingenious pointers from India’s top fashion and beauty influencers, for the next time you indulge in a self-commissioned photoshoot.

Juhi Godambe

An OG face on your fashion feed that could give models a run for their money, Juhi is now also co-founder of her high street label Arabella. Her signature brown lip and solid brows make a stunning case for versatility.

-“The only make-up products you need for a no-make-up make-up look are eyebrow filler, concealer, and tinted lip balm. Brows shape the face, concealer removes any imperfections and lip balm adds the perfect finishing touch.”

-“Use blush under your foundation for a natural flush.”

-“Try icing your face before foundation for fresh skin, especially if you’re shooting early in the morning.”

Shereen Sikka

A fashion blogging thespian–back when blogs were an actual thing–Shereen’s eccentric style makes as bold a statement as her brows, and her feed is testament to a 24×7 glow.

-“When facing a camera, you absolutely cannot go without mascara. For the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes, wear white kajal.”

-“Best time of the day to take pictures is always 7-ish to 9 in the am or during golden hour, which is between 5pm and 6.30pm.”

-“Flaunt your freckles. They’re cute and right on trend.”

-“Strong, thick brows are great, but try using a brown shadow instead of a pencil for a softer look.”

-“I’ve found that lipstick looks best when you do it yourself, as opposed to when you leave it to a make-up artist. No one understands your lip shape better than you.”

Mitali Sagar Patel

One half of the much-loved @houseofmisu, Mitali went from fashion consultant to the talk of Insta town pretty quick. Her repertoire includes ever luminous skin and bold lips that are total Insta goals.

-“Moisturise about five minutes before you start your make-up so your skin is supple and primed, without being too wet and shiny.”

-“Highlighter catches light beautifully, so apply it on the high points of your face.”

-“Be careful with a smudged under eyeliner or kajal–it can create the appearance of dark circles in pictures if you don’t do it right. Top light could give you the same effect.”

-“Go easy with powder.”

Nilu Yuleena Thapa

Nilu’s feed is as vibrant as her personality, full of beautiful multi-hued eye looks and travel pictures. When it comes to make-up, she isn’t afraid to play.

-“Always have a tint and highlighter handy. I do my make-up matte so it lasts, and touching it up lightly with a lip, cheek, eye tint and highlighter, keeps it looking fresh through shoots.”

-“Always carry a setting spray. It’s the holy grail of long-lasting make-up, and comes in travel sizes too.”

Aashna Shroff

With a style that’s non-fussy yet fabulous, Aashna’s feed is instantly likeable. She’s that girl who pulls off sneakers with a dress on the red carpet, and loves a nice cat-eye.

-“I love a pop of colour on my eyelids that either matches or contrasts with my outfit. I’ll sometimes put a tiny bit just in the inner corners, while keeping the rest of the face neutral. It’s my silent little trick.”

-“You also don’t need a fancy camera; a smartphone camera works great for selfies.”

-“Light is the first most important thing while taking selfies. Mine turn out the best when I take them near a south-facing window.”

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