The new beer that works for both hesitant first-timers and connoisseurs

A new entrant to the world of beers, Thirsty Beer is a new-age beer company that aims to restore the pedigree attached to the art of brewing beer. Launched in 2017, the company has two distinct offerings crafted to appeal to the Indian palate. Here are 3 reasons why Thirsty Beer could make a convert out of you:

1. It comes in two flavours

Happy by Thirsty is a classic central European lager, brewed to give an uplifting taste with its predominant hop, Herkules, that lends a peppery bitterness with underlying floral and citrus notes. Thirsty Simona, on the other hand, is akin to a traditional German Hefeweizen; it’s a premium wheat beer brewed using pure wheat malts and live yeast, giving a smooth and spicy flavour for a more evolved palate. 

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2. It’s brewed and bottled in southeastern Europe

Both beers, Happy by Thirsty and Thirsty Simona are brewed and bottled in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and are crafted using the freshest ingredients to ensure quality and taste. 

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3. It’s easy on your pocket

European beer that costs less than Rs 300? Count us in. While Happy by Thirsty costs Rs 250 per can (500ml), Thirsty Simona retails at Rs 300 per pint.

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