5 reasons you need to check out Thirsty City 127 in Mumbai Advertisement

5 reasons you need to check out Thirsty City 127 in Mumbai

It's going to be your squad's go-to place

By ELLE team  December 2nd, 2019

Great vibe? Check. Innovative cocktails? Check. Delectable nibbles? Check. Fun music? Check. Thirsty City 127 in Mumbai is the perfect spot to unwind with colleagues on weekdays and hang out with your buddies over the weekend. No wonder than, within a year of its launch, the Lower Parel microbrewery  has emerged one of the city’s finest bar and event space.

Here are five reasons you’re going to love Thirsty City 127:

1) #ThirstyTrails (anniversary edition)

You’ve heard of food trails, now get ready for a cocktail trail and a cocktail journey? Introducing #TheTrailMenu, starting with the north east. The Thirsty team travelled to the north east, visiting local markets, farms, and vendors to discover ingredients, flavours and techniques. The aim of the journey was to understand local flavours and drinking/food cultures, and then reinvent those into modern international flavours and cocktails.

On return, in collaboration with Suraj Gurung, the master mixologist at Stockton Hong Kong (one of Asia’s Top 50 bars), Thirsty City 127’s master mixologist Santosh and its chef brought back the most unusual ingredients like elephant apples, cassia bark, tree tomatoes to the #ThirstyLab, and evolved them into new age flavours and cocktails, a special brew beer and food dishes to introduce the #ThirstyTrailMenu. This one-of-a-kind menu deserves your complete attention. 

2) Black rice brew 

Every month, the Thirsty City 127 team experiments with an all-new brew. November belongs to black rice. For the anniversary month, it has brought back black rice from the trip to the north east and decided to craft the first ever #BlackRiceBrew, a German-style backbiter with north east Indian black rice, black pepper and green cardamon. Despite the dark colour, the drink features a light body and sweet nutty maltiness, along with the enticing aroma of cardamon and black pepper. The bar has made it extra special by also crafting a tasting menu with dishes that perfectly pair with the black rice brew. Think smoked pork ribs, pork bamboo shoot and bhut jolokia curry or galho. On offer for a limited period only.  

3) All-new winter menu

To mark the change in the season, Thirsty City 127 has launched an all-new winter menu. A sustainable bar, it aims to use all ingredients at the bar and kitchen creatively for a synergy between both. The menu includes some north eastern ingredients too, such as bhut jolokia chili, mazenca salt, sohiong cherry, ginger flower, black rice and more.

4) Masterclass with a master mixologist 

As an educational bar, Thirsty City 127 have introduced monthly masterclasses by its master mixologist Santosh. The November edition of the class was held on the science behind clarified cocktails and the next big trend, cryo filtration.

5) The gin experience

Thirsty City 127 is one of the only bars in India to offer G&T on tap. What’s more, they have curated a bespoke gin tour. This experience will offer a carefully planned omakase menu to accompany the bespoke selection of gins, served with a botanical box to allow you to experiment with a new flavour in every glass.