This Ayurvedic hand treatment can prevent signs of ageing

Hands are the most exposed, delicate and, often, the least cared for parts of our body. While much attention is given to facial signs of ageing, it is actually the hands that begin to show the first signs of fine lines, uneven pigmentation and thinning of skin. Just the way you’d follow a routine for your face, you need to treat your hands to some extra TLC. Enter the Forest Essentials Dual Repair Hand Treatment that can keep your hands looking younger, for longer.

Here’s how it goes:


Hand Polisher Edit

Dead skin cells on the skin reduce the amount of absorption of any creams or serums you may apply. Therefore, exfoliating every few days or once a week is highly recommended In addition to washing your hands with a nourishing hand wash or soap, this step aids in circulation and helps slough off dead skin cells.

Forest Essentials’ new Hand Polisher is prepared with rich sea salts, blended in pure herb-infused cold pressed oils, honey and blood orange essential oil, that exfoliates and polishes the skin.

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Hand Serum

Did you know that constant washing of your hands robs them of their natural moisture? To top it off, daily exposure to UV rays leaves them looking dull and lifeless. As a result, the skin becomes susceptible to dehydration and dryness, thus hastening signs of early ageing. Renew and protect hands naturally with Forest Essentials’ luxurious new Hand Serum. Rich in omega-3, herbs, antioxidants, infusions that increase elasticity and plump the skin, this light yet rich serum is instantly absorbed, and reduces the appearance of fine lines, and nourishes the skin leaving it soft,  smooth, and delicately scented with Blood Orange Essential Oil.

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Expert’s tip: Apply the Hand Polisher first to exfoliate & brighten the skin of your hands, then follow that up with a gentle massage using the Hand Serum for most effective, visible results. 

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