This ex-Coca-Cola manager wants to change the way we eat Advertisement

This ex-Coca-Cola manager wants to change the way we eat

With potent protein powder

By Drishti Kapadia  May 12th, 2020

With restricted outings and trips to grocery stores, getting your hands on fresh produce is a challenge. Supplements may seem like the obvious answer to load up on nutrients, but the lack of ingredient transparency and complicated labels act as strong deterrents. These factors coupled with a passion for raising kids with healthy eating, lead Atlanta-based Roma Patel to create Tejari and Co, a brand of organic and vegan protein supplements.

The former senior global marketing manager at The Coca-Cola Company was disappointed by the lack of additive-free and chemical-free protein formulas in the market. As a vegetarian with limited sources of protein, Patel took it upon herself to create a line of naturally-flavoured protein powders that would bridge the nutritional gap that many face on a daily basis.

In a wellness market crowded with supplements, Tejari stands out with its delicious formulas (blueberry and spinach anyone?) that can be eaten by kids and adults both. Add to that pea protein (hypoallergenic), turmeric (antioxidants) and cinnamon (anti-inflammatory and blood sugar leveller), and these supplements add a mega boost of nourishment to everything you eat—from smoothie bowls to pancakes.

Patel talks about her entrepreneurial journey and her awakening to all things wellness…



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On her goal for Tejari

“Too often, we make sacrifices when it comes to our food, beauty products and supplements–this never felt right to me. Creating a completely transparent brand is proof that we truly can have it all (and then some). In this case, it’s a convenient option to enjoy organic, clean ingredients with no added sugar or preservatives.”


On finding the right meal supplements

“In short, they’re tricky and unfortunately, there is no one size fits all. It’s important to find a formula that aligns with your goals. First and foremost, I always turn to fresh produce and fruits to meet my daily dietary recommendations, all while maintaining a well-balanced active lifestyle. But, since I stick to a vegetarian and vegan diet, I miss out on enough protein, which is essential for energy. I love incorporating Tejari as an add-on into energy bites and our favourite baked goods. Some people use protein powder as a full meal replacement, whereas others combine it with nutrient-dense foods for a complete meal.”




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My go-to breakfast recipe is…

“Combine one cup of pancake mix with two scoops of our Strawberry or Golden Banana blend for a failproof healthy pancake recipe!”


The lessons learn as an entrepreneur…

“Launching a company is challenging so have patience, resilience and don’t lose your passion. I stay grounded by surrounding myself with trusted advisors like Goop’s most recent Chief Revenue Officer, Kim Kreuzberger and Nasiba Adilova [founder of luxe e-commerce startup, TheTot]. Rely on customer feedback and immerse yourself in data and analytics to find ways to think and act smarter, and pivot as needed.”


On what’s next in the pipeline…

“This summer, we’re launching two new blends–cacao and vanilla. We’re also excited to expand to the UK and Canada!”