Watch: A 90-second video that perfectly captures the true spirit of Holi

A guy in dreadlocks throws gulaal from a first floor balcony at a Holi bash that is in full swing below. On the streets of what seems like a small-town, there are people playing the dhol, and dancing to the beats of the festival in funky headgear, floral garlands, mirrored sunnies, and even a mukat. Two women leaning in for a kiss, oblivious of the world around them. These are all stills from Budweiser’s new ad film (produced by Animal agency) and, despite the fact that we’ve seen numerous Holi campaigns over the years, this one stands out. The 90-second video is a celebration of diversity, of how festivals can bring people together, of how that, in fact, is their true purpose.

Instead of shots that blur into each other, the video is marked by plenty of slo-mo shots which add to the mood, rather than take away from the revelry. Aakash Bhatia, a director at LoudMouth, which made the film says, “Whenever we think of a party, we think fast-moving visuals. I wanted to bring in contrast and make it poetic.”

Aakash, who grew up in Patna and Delhi, has fond memories of playing Holi from his childhood. In fact, it’s the only festival he celebrates. “I have a positive association with Holi but, for some reason, there’s a negative connotation attached to it. It’s a deterrent for so many people. I wanted to create an audio-visual piece which would make you think, ‘Hey, I wish I was part of this’.

Watch the director’s cut:

//BUDWEISER x HOLI By Aakash Bhatia from Aakash Bhatia on Vimeo.

At the end of the video, rain washes off the colours on people’s faces and we realise there’s a motley crew at play. Various nationalities have all come together with the common goal of having a great time. “The singular colour in the end is the colour of humanity,” Aakash says. “All of this can be said without taking ourselves seriously,” he concludes. 

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