This video will change your idea of beauty Advertisement

This video will change your idea of beauty

It's time to break the stereotype

By ELLE team  August 12th, 2016

The rhymes we knew all so well as kids sound pretty damn ridiculous held against our current socio-political landscape. Funny how “Chubby cheeks, dimple chin, rosy lips…” somewhere became the gold standard of beauty.

With their new campaign, Dove is taking a big leap to expand the idea of what we consider beautiful. The familiar nursery rhyme takes a turn for the satirical in the video ‘Is That You?’ – where we meet an army of strong, diverse women playing all kinds of sports. The goosebump-inducing video is perfectly timed too, what with female athletes setting records and smashing stereotypes at the Rio Olympics 2016.

What they really hope to do is to #ChangeTheRhyme and add new words to this narrow definition of female beauty. You can help! Write to them with new rhymes that sum up real women today and mail them at

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