This weekend, check out an art exhibition by women, for women Advertisement

This weekend, check out an art exhibition by women, for women

Women artists in Delhi take the floor for a unique show

By Anesha George  March 12th, 2020

Delhi-based art curator Teesta Bhandare has always been troubled by the under-representation of women in the world of art. And now, with more women taking to the streets to voice their opinions across the globe, Bhandare is hoping to spark her own revolution through an exhibition titled, ‘Voices of Women’ showcasing the works of 12 talented women artists from India.

Voices Of Women

 Anupam Sud, Your Huddled Masses (1990)

“All of the 37 works on display provide a peek into the different perspectives of these women artistes who range from being critically acclaimed names in the industry to millennials with a strong voice,” she says. “And every piece tells a different story of struggle and victory,” she adds. The diverse art works by artistes like Anuradha Upadhyay, Bharati Kapadia, Madhvi Parekh, Parul Thacker explore different mediums like print, water colour, oil and acrylic as well as 3D murals.

Voices Of Women

Gogi Saroj Pal, All these flowers are for you (2006), acrylic on digitally printed canvas

Some of the artistes have drawn inspiration from personal stories, like Sahaya Sharma who has created a digital print of her mother’s womb through her abstract art. “The idea was to explore the theme of women’s reproductive health through her surrealist vision,” explains Bhandare. For Anupam Sood, who has been one of the first few women to carve her niche in the male-dominated world of print, her focus has always been on addressing social issues through symbolism.

Voices Of Women
Parul Thacker, Seeds of Soliloquy II (2016), minerals from Himalayan caves, nylon monofilament fibre, raw cotton fibres and white pigment
Voices Of Women
Bharati Kapadia, He went that-a-way (2010), fabric and acrylic paint on handmade paper
Voices Of Women
 Vasundhara Tewari Broota, Holding it together III (2018), watercolour on paper

The exhibition opens on March 13 and will be on till March 19 at A-2/22, Safdarjung Enclave–Basement, New Delhi.