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Three pairs of heels, one shoe

Tanya Heath’s luxe leather line appreciates that heels are sexy, but also a royal pain

By Deepa Menon  July 15th, 2015

Have you ever wanted to murder a pair of shoes? We all have. But in the end, the shoes win. Your heels will always have the last laugh as you limp back home. Well, not anymore. Parisian designer Tanya Heath makes shoes with detachable heels in three heights: Power (1.5 inches), Liberty (a little over 2 inches) and Seduction (a little over 3 inches). They click neatly on and off, and you can carry the heels in your bag and change them up depending on the occasion. Voila, you can feel your toes again!

Made of calfskin and with memory foam foot beds, these shoes are not cheap—you could easily spend Rs 20k-30k on a pair. Plus, you buy the heels separately. The heels come in different colours—neutrals, pop shades like fuchsia and sunflower, metallics—and styles that go from evil-looking stilettos to chunky cubans to practical trotters. If you’re ordering from India, expect to pay 50 euros for shipping. 

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