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Three things to know about Melorra

A fine jewellery label with a major difference

By ELLE team  February 25th, 2016

Is your jewellery cabinet at odds with your wardrobe? We’ve all been there. Fine jewellery, especially, has a way of sticking out and not quite mingling with your workwear or everyday wardrobe. That’s where Melorra comes in. Here are three things you need to know about the label:

It’s in sync with global trends

Melorra is one of the few brands that makes fine jewellery in keeping with the moods, silhouettes, detail and accessory trends of the season. You won’t find ornate pieces here, it’s minimal and versatile enough to pair with everything.  It teams easily with workwear (checks and stripes, modern suits, pastels), casual wear (with key trends like bohemian, floral, military) or party wear (especially shimmer, ruffles, vintage gold).

It responds to your fast-evolving wardrobe

The fashionable and contemporary pieces are made to match the urban Indian woman’s everyday wardrobe – be it suits and skirts or kurtas and tunics. Plus, for the first time in India, we have a brand releasing new pieces of fine jewellery every week. Yep. Every. Week. Download the Melorra app and sync up. 

It’s affordable

The line is priced between affordably priced, upwards of Rs 3,000 with average prices hovering at Rs 16,000 for precious jewellery. Who says you need a special occasion to shop now?

Click here to download the app for iPhones, and click here to download the app for Android devices