Three easy ways to contour your face perfectly Advertisement

Three easy ways to contour your face perfectly

The ultimate cheat sheet

By Tatiana Dias  February 7th, 2019

Contouring isn’t a new word in our beauty dictionary anymore. Thanks to Kim K, and the countless other celebrities that followed suit, this term has become common parlance. Unfortunately, as much as contouring is talked about, very few people have mastered the technique. Either your contour isn’t visible, or it ends up looking like a patch of mud. These three hacks will help you achieve that sculpted Kareena-Kapoor-Khan-meets-Kim-Kardashian-West face. Remember, the key is to blend well!

1. Tape it

Use a scotch tape (not masking tape nor cello tape) as a guide to get those sculpted cheekbones. Ensure that you blend in the product effectively once you remove the tape.

2. (tooth)Brush it

Apply your contour powder with a toothbrush instead of a regular make-up brush. This will help you get that perfect angle, without making it look like you’ve smeared a patch of dirt on your face. 

3. Dot it

If you’re using liquid or cream-based contouring products, then simply dot it across your face instead of applying it as a line.