Here’s how to tie-dye your own white tee and get on with the trend

Just like banana bread entered our lives with no explanation at all, so has tie-dye. Some say it’s a mood booster for when you’re cooped up in your room, others look at it as nothing more than the new sartorial fad. Regardless of the math behind why this trend became part of the quarantine culture, you’ll find it on every cool kid’s Instagram.

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From single solid colours, a mélange of 5 dyes jammed together to eclectic patterns, tie-dye is a fashion trend we never thought would make a return in lockdown. In case your hands are still not stained with ink from afternoons you spent tie-dying literally EVERYTHING, you haven’t quarantined yet. But fret not, we’re here to help you join the movement that this trend has created. Put on your apron, assemble your supplies and get crafty.

What you need for tie-dying your clothes:

A plain white tee, dyes in your favourite colours, rubber bands, water and bucket (to soak the dye), a ziplock or plastic bag, newspapers or plastic sheets.

What you need to do:

Gather all your supplies and make sure to line your workspace with newspaper or a plastic sheet below.

Soak your white tee in water (squeeze the excess water out) and swirl it from the centre. It should look something like this:

Photograph: Instructables (Instagram)

Once you’ve achieved this pattern, lock it using multiple rubber bands.

Photograph: Instructables (Instagram)

Depending upon your personal choice, select a single dye colour of your choice or go for multiple dyes. Remember to mix your dyes with a little water in a bottle.

Start by dropping the dye on the tee either in a pattern (if you’re going with multiple colours) or cover it up with a single dye.

Photograph: Instructables (Instagram)

Once the tee is covered with dye, place it in a ziplock or plastic bag and seal it for the next 24 hours.

Unwrap the tee after a day (or 36 hours if you’re really patient). Run the tee through water and let the excess dye run out of it. PS. Do not be scared of the black water, we promise you’ll love the end result.

Photograph: Instructables (Instagram)

Once the water runs clean, set your tee for drying in the sun and once it’s completely dry, it’s ready for use!

Here’s a quick tutorial to push you out of bed and turn your basic old tees into something super fun:


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You can style your tie-dye in a lot of ways. But now that we aren’t heading out (besides grocery runs), here’s a quarantine look you can rock at home with your own DIY.

Shop the look:

Your DIY tie-dye tee

Plush jogging trousers, Zara, INR 1,590

Beaten circle clasp bracelet, Accessorize, INR 845

Gold-coloured necklace, H&M, INR 1,500

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