Brad Pitt reportedly asked Tiffany Haddish out at the Oscars Advertisement

Brad Pitt reportedly asked Tiffany Haddish out at the Oscars

However, there was one major condition

By DAISY MURRAY  March 7th, 2018

The juiciest nugget of gossip that has arisen from the ashes of Sunday night’s Oscars must be that Brad Pitt reportedly asked Tiffany Haddish out.

The Girls Trip star, who co-presented an award with Maya Rudolph on the night, revealed to host Kelly Ripa that the recently separated Ocean’s 11 actor had made a move.

Dressed in her iconic Alexander McQueen gown (that she has worn no less than three times publicly and is considering for her nuptials), the comedian gave her interviewer a back-stage anecdote.

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Haddish is famous for her VIP tales, even getting in trouble with Beyoncé for telling the world how Queen B warded off a female from husband Jay-Z.

Now, she’s telling her own tale.

In her post-Oscars interview, Ripa asks the 38 year-old who she would marry, date or ditch out of Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Javier Bardem.

Haddish quickly interjected Ripa, to explain how Pitt had basically just asked her out, be it with one major condition, ‘I just met him in the elevator! He said in one year, if he’s single and I’m single, we gonna do it, so you know what that means…’

Unfortunately, there was one, or should we say six, pieces of baggage she wasn’t game for, she continued, ‘He do got seven kids. I don’t know if I could deal with a man that’s got that many kids.’

Thankfully, 54 year-old Pitt has actually only got six kids, so she’s got a year to prepare for that.