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Tinder’s new film defines Gen Z perfectly


By Tinder  December 24th, 2018

Have you found yourself staring wistfully at imaginary checkboxes—your first home, a big promotion, a fancy new car, marriage, kids—considering all the ways in which you’re not a fully-formed ‘adult’ yet? Almost in the same moment, have you found yourself whispering the words “Not today”, shaking off the pre-conceived notions of adulting, and turned your attention back to a half-finished song, an unwritten blog post, a new recipe from your favourite cookbook, or even reruns of The Office? After all, who’s to say what it means to be an adult anyway?

Welcome to a new world order, one that is defined by Gen Z. A generation that has never known life before the Internet, never known anything but the ease of having infinite options at the tip of their fingertips, this entirely unique group of people is hooked onto the idea of living today—not obsessed with saving for the future. In the process, they’re re-evaluating the societal markers of being an adult and defining what it means to live a happy, fulfilling life in their own wonderfully varied ways.

Tinder’s new film, Adulting Can Wait, captures this essence perfectly. Life in your 20s is a maze; a new possibility, a new experience awaits at every turn. Instead of focussing on the daunting checkboxes, the film is about living these experiences on the path to adulthood. A celebration of the journey, this shiny, happy film is about cherishing the memorable stories (you know the kind—you’ll be telling them for years to come), the unbridled joys, and also the lows that are an inextricable part of growing up. The film also touches upon the possibility that embracing these experiences will shape your life in more permanent ways—the craziness you will be nostalgic about in ten years, the relationships that will leave you better than they found you, the adventures that will challenge you, and the people who will leave an indelible mark on your life.

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Tinder has dramatically changed the way Gen Z dates by steadily changing perceptions. In 2018, the dating app opened itself up to India’s diverse gender and sexuality categories, reinforcing the idea that love is love is love, and so is dating. With this film, Tinder tries to take the pressure off 20-somethings trying to navigate the ups and downs of life. Enjoy the maze—every right swipe represents a new possibility. Every potential match could lead to magic. Swiping could also be your gateway to new schools of thought, treasured conversations, different values, interesting beliefs and a whole new worldview.

Succinctly, the film defines Gen Z’s reality, the world of possibilities that this generation inhabits, the rush of adrenaline associated with the unknown, and the spontaneity of discovery. So, go on and get swiping! #AdultingCanWait 

Watch the full video here.