The making of Titan Nebula’s beautiful watches

When it comes to purchasing a watch, two factors that dominate our search are style and functionality. Rarely do we think about the watch as an heirloom. But with a Titan Nebula timepiece, set in 18 carat gold, we’ve got reason to believe that it checks off all three boxes.

Titan Nebula 5

For Titan Nebula’s 20th anniversary celebrations, the brand took us on a field trip to their factory (on the outskirts of Bengaluru) where we got a peek into the fine art of watchmaking. Hundreds of artisans sat in lines, working on intricate parts of watches, that would be fixed onto the main timepiece via the machines. We learnt that creating one Titan Nebula watch takes the work of a minimum of 50 artisans, over 40-60 man hours, with four artisans dedicated just to its finishings. This excludes the time it takes to research and ideate for an upcoming collection.

Titan Nebula 2

“The Titan Nebula watch is for the discerning man or woman who cares about carefully-crafted luxury watches that are seeped in heritage,” says Suparna Mitra, chief marketing officer, Titan. “Each collection, whether it is the Calligraphy collection or the Nazakat collection, dips into a huge fountain of inspiration that is derived from our country,” she adds.

Titan Nebula 3

“In the age of trends that come and go, the Titan Nebula watch celebrates timelessness. It is a contemporary take on India’s art and rich heritage,” says Revathi Kant, chief design officer, Titan. The fusion of craftsmanship and engineering with which each timepiece is crafted makes for an heirloom that will last you a lifetime and many more to come.

Titan Nebula 6

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