Tommy Hilfiger will now design clothes specifically for disabled people

Tommy Hilfiger has announced plans to make a line of clothes for people with disabilities, Bloomberg has reported. The American fashion label is tapping into a market usually ignore by luxury fashion brands. The adaptive clothing line will feature adjusted seams and openings that make it easier for caretakers to dress the wearer, as well as magnetic closures so that it is easier to pull garments over the head or to get dressed with one hand. Trousers will have velcro and magnetic flies, while leg openings and hems will be adjustable to accommodate for leg braces.

The men’s line will feature 37 pieces and the women’s 34 styles. In a statement, Hilfiger described moving into this market as part of a “democratization of fashion.” With millions of disabled people worldwide who would no doubt welcome this news, the decision also makes great sense financially.


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