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Top 10 Dermatologists Share Lockdown Skin Care Tips

From home remedies to hair removal techniques

By Sonakshi Sharma  May 24th, 2021

Battling these tumultuous lockdown blues can be stressful enough. Maintaining your skin at home sans professional support shouldn’t be another worry on your list. We asked the best dermatologists their tested and tried tricks and tips. Dive in. 


1. Consistency Is Key


“If you’re just using a face wash, moisturiser and sunblock repeatedly for your skin type, then that would go a long way in taking care of your skin.” – Dr Mikki Singh, dermatologist, Bodycraft Skin Clinic. 


2. Seal In The Moisture 


“This is for people with dry skin: Before going to bed, apply serum, follow it with a moisturiser and then, massage Vaseline Petroleum Jelly as the last step. This will trap moisture into your skin and repair dryness. You will wake up to soft and supple skin.” – Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, skin expert and founder, Issac Luxe.


3. Don’t Mix Actives 


“Follow the right steps while applying products. Don’t combine too many actives. For instance, retinol and glycolic acids are exfoliative in nature and should not be used together. The right way to layer products is from lightest to heaviest–fluid, serum, gel, lotion and then cream.” – Dr Chytra V Anand, celebrity dermatologist and founder, Kosmoderma Clinics.


4. Tackle That Grease


“Inflammation and excessive oil secretion around your periods are common and could lead to acne. Add a few drops of tea tree oil and dilute it in 2 tbsp water to combat this. Dip a cotton swab in the solution and apply to the affected area.” – Dr Jamuna Pai, dermatologist and founder, SkinLab Clinics. 


5. Lighten Pigmentation 


“Sandalwood is a skincare hero, both in the form of paste as well as powder. Mix it with a few drops of milk to make a pack and apply it for a few minutes. Rinse off and notice radiant skin. For hyperpigmentation, use 2 to 3 times a week.” – Dr Rashmi Shetty, aesthetic and clinical dermatologist, RA Mumbai. 


6. Dermaplane At Home 



“Essentially a method to remove unwanted facial hair and peach fuzz, dermaplaning also has exfoliating benefits. Start on clean skin with a small eyebrow hair razor and use it in short upward strokes. Make sure you dispose it after use. Apply aloe vera gel to moisturise the area.” – Dr Kiran Kaur Sethi, integrative aesthetician and owner, Isya Aesthetics. 


7. Au Revoir Puffy Eyes 


“If you suffer from mild dark circles or puffy eyes, put thin slices of cucumber under your eyes. Green tea bags can also be used for the same as they both help in detoxification naturally.” – Dr Jaishree Sharad, Mumbai-based celebrity cosmetic dermatologist.  


8. Don’t Ignore Your SPF! 


“Apply sunscreen even indoors to get the best out of your skincare actives like vitamin C or retinol. Irrespective of the sun, SPF is essential to shield you from fine lines, blue light (if your sunscreen covers it), dust and toxins.” – Dr Manasi Shirolikar, head dermatologist, Remedico. 


9. Lip Care Is Crucial 


“Moisturise your lips using a good quality paraffin balm or petroleum jelly before and after using a surgical face mask. Why? Continuous use of face masks can lead to an increased risk of bacterial infections. Lip care prevents your lips from drying and cracking in the process.” – Dr T N Rekha, senior dermatologist at Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic.

10. Pick Right Ingredients

“Niacinamide is one of the super ingredients to try this summer. Use a niacinamide serum daily at night if you have normal skin type. Those with oily skin can use it twice a day. Niacinamide helps reduce oiliness, shrinks pores, smoothens your skin and also brightens your complexion.” – Dr Niketa Sonavane, celebrity dermatologist and founder, Ambrosia Aesthetics.