Top 3 ways you are ruining your hair

We protect our skin to keep it young and healthy-looking, while our hair is often left to bear the brunt of pollution and over-styling. We curl, tong, straighten or wilfully apply chemicals for various treatments without thinking about the long-term effects this could have on our tresses. While these procedures will give you a few hours of good hair, you need to think about protecting your hair for the long haul. Katherine Flemming, health and beauty editor at ELLE Canada, talks about the top 3 ways we are ruining our hair without even realising it. 

1. You like it too hot

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Just because a hot shower lulls you right to sleep, doesn’t mean your hair appreciates the scalding temperature. “It doesn’t just dry out your skin, but it can damage your hair too,” says Flemming. Couple that with the fact that you regularly expose your hair to high temperatures while blow-drying or straightening it, and you can see where we’re going with this.

2. UV damage to your hair

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We all know how important it is to protect our skin from UV damage but we often forget how our hair is exposed to the same factors. If you can’t cover your hair with a hat or scarf every day, invest in shampoos with UV protection, which will ward off some of the damage. 

3. You are skipping conditioner

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Whether you think you don’t need conditioner or find yourself running out of time in the morning rush to get to work, you are skipping a crucial step that stands between you and properly nourished hair. Take that extra minute to work a pea-sized drop of conditioner into your tresses, and ensure you rinse thoroughly to avoid your hair being weighed down. 

From: ELLE Canada

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