What not to order at a gourmet restaurant, as told by top chefs Advertisement

What not to order at a gourmet restaurant, as told by top chefs

Read this before making your next reservation

By RHEANNA O’NEIL BELLOMO  June 26th, 2017

With the month-end looming near, you may feel like indulging yourself but top chefs from around the world advise a word of caution. The next time you eat out, this is what the experts recommend not ordering.

Don’t order this on your next night out

Quit ordering steak well done

One chef recently posted a lengthy argument against well-done steaks on Reddit, which then went viral. In it, he lists a multitude of reasons, but most important is about quality. By ordering a well-done steak, you're essentially ruining the quality of the cut that both cattle farmers and butchers work so hard for. "The care and dedication to a craft has been thrown out the window," he added. Plus, why shell out good money for a steak that'll taste the same as your run-of-the-mill, cooked-at-home grocery version?

Forget about the chicken dish

Many chefs criticise chicken entrees because they tend to be overpriced and less creative than other items on the menu. And there's another downside to these dishes: They're often served as double (or even triple!) portions and customers overeat because of that, nutritionists have noted. Stick to something else and get a better bang for your buck—and your belly.

Never order fish on Monday

According to Anthony Bourdain, every week, most restaurants order fresh fish on Thursday or Friday to stock up for the busy weekend. By the time Monday rolls around, it may not be so nice—fresh fish only keeps for three days. On Tuesday, the leftovers are likely tossed and another order is placed. If all else fails, ask your server where the seafood came from, and when it was caught and delivered.

From: ELLE Australia