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Top predictions for 2018, based on your zodiac sign

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By Shweta Gandhi  December 29th, 2017

The jury is out, these are the top predictions for 2018? Adding up 2018 gives us 11, which is a master number, hence making 2018 a year of the master. We are all masters, here to learn our lessons — sometimes through harsh challenges and sometimes through easy ones, believes spiritual healer and psychic Ashtar Tashi. “All of us, in every zodiac sign, have responsibilities and challenges that we have to master. But how can we be masters who lead as living examples if we don’t learn first?” she says.

In this ultimate forecast for 2018, Ashtar walks us through the simple understanding of the lessons we have to learn and how we can evolve, grow and make the best of our futures in this New Year.

Top predictions for 2018, according to your zodiac sign:


Gemini, you must learn to open your arms to new experiences in 2018. It's time to receive, as the Universe wants to bless you with much more than you can imagine. Since you love to give, you sometimes miss out on the art of receiving, which you need to imbibe. Positive affirmations will help you — open yourself up whether it is to new people, new workspaces, or new learnings. The more you learn, the more you grow, and there is a lot you need to learn in 2018. This is going to be a period of huge soul evolution for Geminis, so be in the good energy of giving and receiving this year.


Leo, this is assurance for you that 2018 is a year when you can become independent. If you are in relationships that are tying you down, put your head up with pride and walk out of situations that are not working for you. Do not rely on others to make your decisions for you, and stop procrastinating. Stand up for your truth, and speak up like a lion. You have a lot of opportunities on the work front, and if you want to break away from your current job and start your own business, this is a good year to do that. If you have been working under a boss for far too long, you can now stand up and ask for new opportunities. 


Libra, you are the epitome of love and passion. For 2018, expect a lot of love and romance this year. If you are single and looking out for romance, do not fear failure. Go ahead and fall in love — it's not going to be as bad as you imagine. Your challenge may also be that you are not communicating well with loved ones. So, open yourself up and fix what needs to be fixed.


Aries, this year, you should use all your time and energy in doing what is best for you. You must try and expand your horizons, because you have the potential to explore new areas, agendas, opportunities, creatively, professionally, and in your love life. If there's anything you haven't touched before, now is the time to try it. Don't give up too easily, have patience, don't lose hope and keep the faith alive in yourself — that's how you'll be able to overcome your challenges.


Taurus, 2018 is a year you need to drop your ego. Your ego is going to teach you a few harsh lessons if you don't prepare yourself beforehand. Learn to be in someone else's shoes before you judge them. Don't be too harsh or rigid with people. Learn your lessons well, because this year is going to be challenging, whether it's related to work, relationships or your personal life. If you're being haughty or stubborn, that might work against you. So be more compassionate, towards yourself and other people. Don't judge yourself too harshly; we all make mistakes, but we do not need to beat ourselves up.


Virgo, you've been spreading yourself thin for far too long. It's time to love yourselves more. Start looking at your own personal needs, career needs and your future needs. Your challenge lies in being judgemental — you can be finicky and demanding. Keep a watch on yourself. Can you cut down on the demands from people and not judge them when they can't live up to your expectations? Learn to develop compassion. Give understanding to people and learn through unconditional love instead of judgemental love.


Scorpio, you have the fabulous opportunity to expand whoever you are into whoever you desire to be. 2018 is bringing you great energies, but first, you have to let go of your fears. It's okay to break out of your little shell. Challenge yourself to do things that you've not done before. Your difficult areas might be education, love and work, so remember that whatever changes are happening is because you are ready for the transformation. So don't get bogged down; go with the flow and let your colours show.


Capricorn, you need to ground yourself. You have too many ideas, thoughts and plans floating around in your head, and if your 2017 has gone like that, the same trend could continue in 2018. Trust the universe and connect with Mother Earth — walk barefoot on grass; meditate; practice crystal healing. Do not get flustered or upset with changing financial situations or relationships as 2018 will give you a challenge there. If you understand your position and know that everything has a solution, then you can work towards it rather than getting worked up about it. Allow people to help you; a little trust goes a long way.


Cancerians, though you are homebodies, you stay too much within your boundaries which can lead to you building very high walls around yourself. In 2018, you might face a challenge in this aspect — you need to drop your walls a bit to allow new people, new situations and new circumstances into your life. These could change them and help you grow. Share your love and your laughter with them as you leave your pretences behind. You have the potential to grow, only if you get your lessons right. Don't get bullied by people — draw your boundaries only from people you feel insecure around, not around those who are here to help you grow.


Pisces, you need to have your attention and your focus very sharp in 2018. Whether it is your love life, your career, your studies or your relationships, do not take anything light-heartedly as you will not achieve the success you are seeking in life. Look at everything with a discerning eye and move forward.


Whatever you have been asking for and praying for in 2017 is going to get manifested in 2018. So have you really thought about what you've asked for? Have your prayers been in full faith? Make sure all your prayers come from the heart, and while you're asking for goodness, wealth, happiness and joy for yourself, also ask for peace for everyone as your prayers are going to be very powerful this year. Your challenge is also going to be about not having faith in the universe. Stop trying to control everything; let go and let the universe play its part in every area of your life.


2018 could have situations where you feel you're not loved enough and that people are playing games with you. You may not be able to trust people who are around you. At work, you may feel ignored, and in relationships, you may feel low and not value your talents and gifts. You need to feel comfortable with the thought that you are loved unconditionally. Go a little deeper in your relationships, give more of yourself, if that's what you want from others. Expressing yourself freely will provide the comfort you're seeking.