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10 most-used words in the fashion world this year


By Mahalia Chang  December 15th, 2017

If you were idly wondering whether or not your fashion jargon has been on point this year, we have news for you. Fashion data analysts and search engine Lyst  have compiled a top ten list of the most-used words and descriptors from 2017, so you can see how your lingo measured up. To create the list, Lyst trawled through over 300,000 articles from 100 different online fashion and lifestyle sites. The key words and buzz words were the singled out and ranked from most to least used.

Coming in at the top of the list was a few politically-driven descriptors like ‘Power,’ ‘Woke,’ and ‘Statement,’ while other 2017-appropriate catchwords like ‘Millennial,’ ‘Cult,’ and ‘Ugly’ managed to poll top ten as well.

The full list, below.

1. Power

2. Woke

3. Statement

4. Floral

5. Millennial

6. Extra

7. Masculine

8. Cult

9. Ugly

10. Vegan