8 travel bags that make for the perfect holiday companion Advertisement

8 travel bags that make for the perfect holiday companion

These beauties are Insta-ready as well

By ELLE team  May 2nd, 2017

Whether you’re planning to soak up the sun at the beach or retreat to the hills for some well-deserved downtime, you need your luggage to look as fashionable as your meticulously curated wardrobe and be a sturdy sidekick on your adventures. From trolley bags to slouchy carry-alls, we’ve curated a collection of travel luggage from Indian designers that make for the perfect companion. And make your vacation Instagram posts look just a little more fabulous.

Travel luggage you didn’t know you needed 

Mukayu Weekender bag from Nicobar, Rs 7,000
House of Tara on Amazon.in, Rs 3,299
Casa Pop, Rs 18,999
Cord duffle bag, Rs 7,200
Nappa Dori steamer trunk, Rs 15,200
Vitasta overnigher, Rs 18,000
Da Milano stroller, Rs 28,999
Hidesign duffel bag, Rs 10,995

Travel tech essentials you cannot leave behind

A multi-tasking blowdryer, a phone case that also charges your phone and headphones that will do justice to your vacay playlist — it’s all here.  

Dafni Go, Rs 15,000

Simply brush your hair and watch it smoothen and straighten; no need to section it or clip it. With a surface area that's five times as large larger than a flat iron, the travel-friendly brush styles your hair in record time. Dafni Go’s heat resistant thermal case allows you to pack it immediately after use and toss it into your slimmest handbag. 

CAT S60, Rs 64,999

It’s the stuff that we usually fantasise about — a phone that can survive multiple drops and can be dunked into the ocean. At 225 gms, it's certainly no lightweight but its all-weather build and practical functionality – you can work the screen when it's underwater — are tough to beat.

OPPO F3 Plus, Rs 30,990

You will love the dual selfie cam that features a 16MP lens for those classic solo shots and a second 8MP lens with a 120-degree field of view for those wide angle selfies. The device’s primary cam is no slouch and has a host of shooting modes including a clever Double Exposure mode that allows you to stitch two shots into a single image. 

Apple iPhone 7 battery case, Rs 8,500

We’re not big fans of the design — the hump on the back takes some getting used to; yet the silicone exterior is both sturdy and soft. Apple’s very own battery case seamlessly integrates with your device and offers 24-hour battery life. Indispensable when you’re on the road and working your Snapchat and Instagram accounts overtime. 

Sennheiser 4.30, Rs 7,990

Ideal for those long flights, this sturdy yet stylish over-the-ear headphone is wrapped in soft leatherette ear pads that also cut off external sounds. Its unique foldable design makes it easy to stash into your slimmest bag while the tangle-free cable and three-button remote plus inline microphone are all thoughtful touches. 

Kindle Oasis, Rs 23,999

If there’s one device you need at the pool deck, it’s an E-book reader. Kindle’s Oasis comes with a slinky form and leather cover that doubles up as a battery pack. It’s about the same weight as your iPhone 7 and features a slight bump towards the right corner with two tactile buttons that allows you to grip the device and flip pages effortlessly.

Fitbit Alta HR, Rs 14,999

Fitbit’s newest device is the world’s slimmest fitness band with continuous heart and has all the fitness creds we’ve come to expect of Fitbit. With 6-7 days of battery life it’s particularly convenient when you’re on the road. Fitbit’s design partnerships with Simply Vera Wang and Public School allow you to add more personal style