You can now travel to your favourite emoji

Emojis are one part fun, one part practical (breakdown subject to change based on who’s behind the mobile device). They’re good for sharing mood (grimacing face emoji4), judgement on your friends’ activities (Monkey emoji2 ), and itinerary details ( wine glass 2 + birthday cake2), and now they’re good for planning your dream vacation. Travel site Kayak began allowing users to search by emoji in the middle of June, introducing 10 city and symbol pairings before crowd-sourcing the rest. Heavy is the responsibility of deciding which city deserves the beer or magical unicorn emoji, but the people have spoken. Herewith, the global destinations officially repped by cartoon-like figures.

beer mug = Munich, Germany

Baseball = Boston, MA

Pizza = Naples, Italy

white flag rainbow= San Francisco, CA

heel= Milan, Italy

unicorn= Reykjavik, Iceland

dancer= Seville, Spain

guitar= Nashville, TN

taco= Mexico City, Mexico

football= Green Bay, WI

coffe= Seattle, WA

drink2= Cancun, Mexico

surfer2= Honolulu, HI

So, where to?


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