#ELLEbeauty: Go glossy with this season's hottest trend Advertisement

#ELLEbeauty: Go glossy with this season’s hottest trend

Glimmer, glisten and glint!

By Mamta Mody  February 8th, 2019

Lip gloss returns, but not as you remember it. As gloss makes a big comeback, update your make-up mandate with dreamy finishes and sparkly hints.

Slick vision

Enlist metallic or shimmer eyeshadow to maximise the wet look. Then gently tap clear gloss—lip balm works well too—on top. Leave a break at the crease to stay away from any sticky (lid) situations.

Chiffon dress, Emilio Pucci. Diamond and gemstone earrings, Sapna Mehta. Diamond and semi-precious stone ring, Reliance Jewels

Match much

There’s nothing like too much shine. Dip into the same lip gloss for a dazzling pout, then create a translucent version for the eyes. Keep it balanced with a grease-free T-zone.

Sequinned dress, Rahul Mishra. Diamond and gemstone rings; both Sapna Mehta. Diamond and semi-precious stone ring, diamond ring; both Reliance Jewels

Texture play

Update your kohl-lined eyes with a mirror-like sheen. Coat the top lid with sheer gloss, and add a touch of highlighter on the inner corner of the eyes.  Fresh and easy.

Silk top, Siddartha Tytler. 18K gold and diamond earrings, 18K gold and diamond ring; both Mahesh Notandass Fine Jewellery. 18K gold and diamond ring, OM Jewellers

Juicy pout

The nourishing, creamy modern day incarnations of lip gloss make it less threatening to wear a full-on shiny mouth. Choose bold hues for an eye-catching look.

Metal top, Rimzim Dadu. Diamond and gemstone earrings, Sapna Mehta

Rouge wash

Our new favourite way to wear blush: creamy, high on the cheekbone and topped with shimmer. Feel free to dab any leftover colour on your eyelids.

Cotton dress, Shivan & Narresh. 18K  gold and diamond earrings, Mahesh Notandass Fine Jewellery

Photographs: Neha Chandrakant

Make-up and hair: Tenzin Kyizom/INEGA

Styling: Akshita Singh

Model: Tara Parambi

Assisted by: Dhvani Jhaveri (Styling)