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5 trending workouts that will make you stronger

Get fit the fun way

By ELLE team  August 11th, 2017

You don’t have to run on the boring, old treadmill to get leaner. The newest workouts now make exercising more fun than ever — gyrate your way to a toned bod with a pole fitness session like Jacqueline Fernandez or hold yoga poses in a silky cocoon like Malaika Arora Khan with aerial yoga, which strengthens your core. If you want to start loving workout hour and snap some great Instagrams while you get fit, we know just where you can sign up. 

Get fit with these trending workouts

Lily Aldridge


What: Think of this new style as a lovechild of yoga, Pilates and ballet that Madonna and Natalie Portman have happily adopted. The exercises focus on isometric strength training (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles) for better posture, a stronger core, leaner legs and improved flexibility while being easy on the joints. Tutu, optional.

Where: Physique 57, Mumbai; info@physique57mumbai.com, Transform Pilates, Bengaluru; Transformpilates.in

Gigi Hadid


What: Fascinated by Mayweather vs Pacquiao-level grit, but reluctant to give it a go yourself? At the gym, it becomes a non-intimidating, zero-sparring, even enjoyable version of the sport that engages all your muscles. Work towards a leaner body and on your reflexes at your own pace and intensity.

Where: Boxfit, New Delhi; Facebook.com/boxfit.in; 0 88001 34969, Cult - The Tribe, Bengaluru; Cultfit.in

Jacqueline Fernandez

Pole Fitness

What: If you thought gyrating around a pole could actually be a workout, you’re absolutely right. It gives you a bit more than the usual dance class—expect an iron core, improved joint mobility, serious flexibility, and moves that you can perform in a pair of heels, if you feel like it. Bonus: you’ll have a sexy, risqué skill for a conversation starter.

Where: Pole Burnt, Mumbai; aarifa.pole.burnt@gmail.com, Alta Celo, New Delhi; Facebook.com/vesnasaltacelo

Demi Lovato

Trampoline Workout

What: Take a break from aerobics routines for a ridiculously fun and challenging workout on a rebounder (the gym version of a kid’s trampoline). Not only is it good cardio, it will also tighten your lower body muscles, core and arms, while you bounce away. Just ask Demi Lovato.

Where: Frequencee, Mumbai; 0 99201 31637, Rush, Mumbai; Rushmumbai.com