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What’s on Lost Frequencies’ playlist?

The 22-year-old you've probably played on loop

By Anjan Sachar  November 18th, 2016

Lost Frequencies, aka Felix De Laet – the man who had you playing ‘Are You With Me?’ on loop – is the Belgian prodigy you need to hear more of (and about). With his new album, Less Is More out now and an on-going world tour, the 22-year-old is playing all his cards right. We caught up with the artiste during his trip to India for a gig at the Sunburn Arena, and it’s safe to say we’ve got our ears peeled for what’s next.

ELLE: What’s the story behind your name?
Lost Frequencies: I was making remixes of old tracks about four years ago. They were like lost frequencies, the tracks people don’t listen to anymore. What I do is bring them back by creating a club version.

ELLE: How did your first track ‘Are You With Me?’ come about?
LF: It’s actually a cover of a country track. I made it about two years ago and since then, my whole career’s been crazy. I’m not tired of it, I still play it at all of my shows and sets.

ELLE: What’s next for you?
LF: I’m working on a deluxe version of the album which will have a remix for every single track. I really like deep house and commercial stuff so I want to make an album for the young people, clubs and festivals. I’ve already got about 10 remixes done so it’s going pretty well, just six to go. We’re looking at a release in February.

ELLE: What are the top 3 tracks on your current playlist?
LF: ‘Over Again’ by Michael Calfan, ‘Lordly’ by Feder, and a remix of ‘Sky Is The Limit’ from the new album — it’s got an insane build-up and drop.

ELLE: Who’s your all-time favourite DJ?
LF: Flume, he’s the most respected act in the electronic scene, everybody loves him. His track, ‘Insane’ is my favourite.

ELLE: What’s the song that inspired you to DJ?
‘One Day’ by Asaf Avidan.